• sarasutherland

EFFORT Is Essential!

We focus on teaching you how to train, pushing you only when you’re ready. We don't put the cart before the horse - we start at the beginning, building a foundation.

At the same time, we ask you to give us your best effort each day, whatever that means for you.

Effort and intensity are relative to each individual. Our coaching team is here to help you push the intensity in your workouts because intensity drives results.

However, the intensity with poor movement not only impedes results but can also actually cause injury.

While our coaches are there to help you move better and strive for perfection in your movement, it's also your responsibility to move as best you can with the endgame in mind: to live a strong, healthy life.

So come to the gym and bring it! But bring it with your best technique, and strive for greatness.

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