• sarasutherland

Intent Without Action Accomplishes Nothing

The big picture mission is simple: you want to be happy, healthy, and strong - both mentally and physically.

Those are great goals, but how do you get there? To accomplish this bigger mission, you have to establish specific, achievable, accountable goals along the way.

Intent without action accomplishes nothing.

Let’s say you want to get in better shape. What does that mean to you? How will you know when you get there.

The best way to accomplish this goal is to get specific. Change “I want to get in shape” to “I will come to the gym three times a week for six months.”

This goal is simple, and it has a clear definition of completion.

What’s one specific goal that will help you accomplish your overall mission?

This is the third time you have "intention versus action" content and imagery. I wonder if people will get annoyed by the repetition. Maybe rephrase? Very good observation! I will tweak it now! I found it on this post and the 1st. Which one is the 3rd one? It's in the first sentence of #18. I'll just edit that sentence, easy!


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