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Make Yourself A Priority

We know you’re busy. We know it seems as if there are never enough hours in the day, and you’re barely keeping your head above water as it is.

You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time to fold laundry, how am I going to make it to the gym?”

Fitting in a workout is usually a matter of becoming more efficient and planning ahead. As busy as you are, it is possible to find time to work out.

Here’s how.

First, pick a time of day. People tend to have the most success with early morning — very few things conflict with a 6:00 am class. If that doesn’t work for you, another great option is right after work. However, make sure you go straight to the gym after work so you don’t succumb to the temptations of the couch.

Next, plan ahead. Are you going to the grocery store every day to get ingredients for dinner? Spending some time meal planning and shopping on the weekend will open up time during the week to work out.

Finally, ask for help. If you have little kids, ask a friend to take your little ones for an hour while you exercise — then you can return the favor. Ask your significant other for help with chores. It’s important to prioritize yourself and take the time you need to stay healthy, and in turn your family and friends will benefit from a happier, healthier you.

Need more tips? Send us a message and we’ll help you figure out how to fit a workout into your day.

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