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The Sweat - Stress Connection: How Exercise Helps You Relax

Stress is everywhere.

Work, money, kids, parents, your health, the health of those you love, the news, grocery shopping, doing laundry, taking out the trash … It can all get overwhelming.

With everything going on, who has time to exercise? Would it be better to skip the gym and spend an hour catching up on emails or maybe trying to make a dent in the pile of dishes on the kitchen counter?

Science says no.

Exercise is one of the best natural stress relievers we have.

Exercising reduces your levels of adrenaline and cortisol, the body’s stress hormones. At the same time, it stimulates the production of endorphins. Ever wonder why you feel so good after a difficult workout? It’s not just because the workout is over!

Exercising causes endorphins to flood the body, leading to feelings of relaxation and optimism.

Regular exercise also builds your self-confidence as you master new skills, become stronger, and increase your stamina. It’s an escape from your worries, a chance to get out of your head and fully inhabit your body.

We know life is stressful, but sweating can help.

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