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When In Doubt … Work Out!

Updated: Jan 17

Take A Walk Through A Health Food Store Or Browse A Healthy Living Website

You’re bound to encounter one of the wellness industry’s favorite words: toxins. You can buy drinks, face masks, supplements, and creams that promise to “detoxify” your body or your skin. Quick-fix diets and cleanses are described as “detox” diets. It all sounds appealing, but these products don’t tell you your body already comes pre-equipped with an exceptional detoxifying system: your skin, kidneys, liver, lungs, and colon.

You might notice these products and diets don’t ever mention what type of toxins they are removing. This is because they can’t actually remove anything that’s poisonous, or toxic. In fact, your body is already performing this function. Your lungs exhale carbon dioxide, your liver and kidneys filter your blood, and your colon and large intestine get rid of whatever your body can’t use from the food you eat.

If you are ingesting toxins your body can’t handle, like tobacco smoke or excessive amounts of alcohol, no pill, diet, or cleanse will help.

The next time you’re tempted by a detox diet or product, remember the best thing you can do to help your body with its natural detoxifying system is exercise regularly, eat mostly whole, unprocessed food, and prioritize sleep.

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