The $25 enrollment fee for 1-3 month memberships will be waived if you renew your membership before your current term expires. If there is a lapse in your membership, the $25 enrollment fee will apply when joining after the lapse, unless you choose a term 4 months or longer in which this fee is waived.


Keep track of your card:

Replacement card fee is $5, so keep track of your card!  If you take a break in membership, keep it in a safe place so we can just reactivate it when you come back! If you lose it while an active member, the $5 also applies to have a new card made. 


Your membership is just for you:

All individuals using the facility must have their own membership. The membership form states that each card is for your own personal use only and guests are not allowed. The first time you are found in violation, we may revoke your membership. We are working on an honor system and ask that you maintain that level of integrity. Thank you for your help with this!


The facility has the benefit of being open 24X7, but we may revisit the operating hours to increase supervision if this policy is abused.


Age requirements:

The minimum age requirement is 16 to be in the facility alone, with ages 14-15 needing adult supervision and under 13 is not allowed in the facility. Even with the supervision requirement, individuals within the ages of 14-15 still require their own paid membership.


We take pride in having a clean gym and really appreciate your help! 

To ensure the Fitness Center is clean for all members, please have clean shoes as you enter the gym and tidy up as you leave. Additionally, proper shoes are required inside the facility... please, no socks or bare feet!


Thank you for continuing to wipe down the equipment!

There are spray bottles and small towels located in various places to wipe down your equipment after use throughout your workout.


The complete list of guidelines as posted around the facility are listed below:

• Aurora Fitness Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Minimum age requirement of 14 and MUST have adult supervision. 16 and older does not have supervision requirements.

• As a member, you will receive a key card to gain access to the fitness center and this card is for your personal use ONLY.

• There will be a $5 fee for each replacement key card.

• The fitness center is staffed at different times, appointments may be made by calling (402) 694-6266 ahead of time to set up to meet with someone.

• Please turn off all equipment, lights, TV's, etc. when you are the last one to leave the fitness center.

• The use of the fitness center is a privilege: and if you are found misusing or neglecting the fitness center or equipment, future use will be denied and you may be prosecuted.

• Report any misuse or neglect of the fitness center or equipment by immediately calling (913) 850-3994.

Terms of Use