Strong and Lean program will be run 4-weeks at a time. 

• Learn about how to use the equipment in the gym. 
• How to properly lift to get the maximum benefit and avoid injury.
• Weekly Workshop will be for 1 hour and include a difficult group workout (4 Workshops total)
• Practice what you learned in the workshop with a roadmap on how to workout the next week (total of 8 self-guided sessions)
• Facebook group is for camaraderie, accountability, and questions and answers.
• Access to my workout app for workouts, tracking and videos
• Nutrition planning and programming 
• 5% discounts on meals and supplements (optional)
• 24/7 access to Fitness Center during the program.


Email HERE for questions on next start dates and to claim your spot!

Interested in different options for structured workouts provided by an experienced certified personal trainer? Want to learn more about how nutrition can properly fuel your body to accomplish your individual goals?  Check out all of our online coaching programs by visiting Aurora Fitness Center's owner, Sara Sutherland's, fitness coaching site!